Marine Services in Elberta – Dredging, Boat Lifts & More
Whether you need dock or seawall repair, dredging, a new boat lift or any other marine services in Elberta, we’re your one-stop shop.

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Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services is your one-stop shop for all marine services in Elberta, including dock and seawall repair, new boat lifts, beach improvements, dredging, piling repair or installation, and specialty products such as Flow-Thru vinyl decking.

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Elberta Marine Services: Everything You Need

Our team at Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services can help you with whatever you need to enjoy your beachfront property, dock or boat.

Dredging in Elberta

Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services can clean up swimming areas, boat slips and docks with dredging. Our team has extensive experience in removing sediment from the water so you can enjoy the area again. We’ll use our cutting-edge equipment to remove loose sand and soil particles, as well as silt, that makes your space mucky and unusable.

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Elberta Beach Improvement Contractors

Make the most out of your beach space with help from Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services. We can bring in new sand to combat erosion, remove weeds and unwanted flora (including palm trees), plant new palm trees and groom the area so you get more use from it. Tell us about your beach improvement needs and we’ll get right to work.

Boat Lift Installation in Elberta

Leaving your boat at the water’s mercy can be dangerous – and expensive. We’ll install a boat lift so you don’t have to worry about barnacle growth, corrosion or chafed dock lines. We can install a lift that keeps your boat safe from whatever the tides bring, regardless of what type of boat you have or its size.

Flow-Thru Vinyl Decking

Flow-Thru vinyl decking is a specialty product that promises a long lifespan and plenty of use. Our team uses Flow-Thru vinyl decking that helps keep you safe while you walk on it; this sturdy material can stand up to the elements and resists corrosion and rot.

Piling Repair and Installation in Elberta

Damaged piling can pose a serious threat – and if yours has seen better days, Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services can repair it. Our team can install piling wraps (we often recommend SnapJacket products) to protect your existing pilings, or we can  install new pilings for you.

Do You Need Marine Services in Elberta?

Whether you need a new boat dock, a boat lift, dredging or beach improvements, Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services is your one-stop shop for marine services in Elberta. Call us today to tell us what you need – we can answer your questions and bring your vision to life.

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