Fairhope, AL
Looking for dredging, beach improvements, a new dock or pilings, or other marine services in Fairhope? Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services is here to help.

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Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services can help you make the most of your beachfront property, whether it’s your home, a restaurant or resort hotel, marina or something else. Our full suite of marine services includes dredging, boat lift installation and so much more.

Fairhope, AL Marine Services

Some of the marine services our team can assist you with in Fairhope include:

  • Dredging
  • Dock and seawall repair
  • Boat lift installation
  • Piling repair and installation
  • Beach improvements
  • Flow-Thru vinyl decking

Dredging Services in Fairhope

Get rid of the muck that’s ruining your swimming area or boat slip with dredging services from Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services. Our team uses specialty equipment to clean up the silt, debris, sediment and other undesirables on the water’s floor.

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Dock and Seawall Repair

Your dock and seawall take regular beatings from the water, wind and sun – so if they’ve seen better days, it may be necessary to call Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services for help. Our dock and seawall repair team will evaluate your current situation and make upgrades or repairs as necessary; if you need new materials, we’ll let you know.

Fairhope Boat Lift Installation

Protect your boat by getting it out of the water with a new boat lift. We can build a lift that helps you say goodbye to chafed dock lines, algae and barnacle growth, and corrosion – just tell us your vision and we’ll make it happen.

Piling Installation and Repair

Pilings have it rough; they’re always exposed to the water and weather elements, and they’re not made to last forever. Our team can perform piling repair and new piling installation in Fairhope so your dock is safe to use.

Beach Improvements

Overgrowth, debris, erosion and a number of other issues can diminish your enjoyment of your beach – but we can bring it back. Our team excels at beach improvements, including palm tree removal and planting, bringing in additional sand, beach cleaning and grooming, and more.

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Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services is ready to help you with the marine services you need in Fairhope. Call us today to tell us what’s going on – we’ll find a solution for you.

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