Boat Lifts, Dock & Seawall Repair, and Pilings in Orange Beach
We’re your one-stop shop for boat lifts, dock and seawall repair, piling repair and installation, beach improvement, and dredging in Orange Beach.

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Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services is your one-stop-shop for boat lift installation, beach improvements, piling repair and installation, seawall and dock repair, dredging, and more in Orange Beach, Alabama. Our team of experts can help you create the perfect seaside area on your property.

Boat Lift Installation in Orange Beach

A boat lift is an excellent investment – it can help prevent chafed dock lines, algae and barnacle growth and lost fenders. Our team installs boat lifts all over Orange Beach to help you keep your watercraft safe and dry when it’s not in use.

Piling Repair and Installation

Rotting and damaged pilings can be incredibly dangerous, but Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services in Orange Beach can help. Our team of experts perform piling repair and restoration that keeps your pilings in great shape. We can even install new pilings if you’re building a new dock using top-quality materials such as SnapJacket.

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Beach Improvement Projects

From palm tree removal and planting to beach grooming, Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services provides a full suite of beach restoration services in Orange Beach. We can bring in new sand to keep your area looking pristine, remove or plant new palms for shade and aesthetics, and clear out vegetation to make your beach more enjoyable for you or your guests.

Dock and Seawall Repair in Orange Beach

When you’re building a new dock, you need sturdy and reliable pilings that will last as long as the dock

Your docks and seawalls need to be able to withstand the elements – but when they’re constantly exposed, they can wear down and become unsafe. Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services in Orange Beach can repair dock and seawall damage so you don’t have to worry about a thing, whether you need your personal dock fixed or you’re running a marina with dozens of slips.


Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services performs dredging services under and around boat slips, docks and swimming areas so you don’t have to worry about mud, weeds and trash ruining your experience. We typically work in areas where the jobs are around 25 cubic yards or less.

Flow-Thru Vinyl Decking

If you’re rebuilding a dock or building one from scratch, Flow-Thru vinyl decking may be the perfect solution. Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services uses only the best materials to ensure that your dock is safe and usable for years to come.

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Do You Need Beach Improvement, Dock or Seawall Repair, or Other Marine Services in Orange Beach, AL?

If you’re thinking about kicking off a new project to improve your seaside area, whether you’re a homeowner, a hotelier or a marina owner, Webb’s Hardware and Marine Services can help. Call our office today to tell us what you need – we’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a customized quote.

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