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Springtime Gulf Coast Gardening Tips to Get Growing!

Shrubs and Other Plants in the Orange Beach Hardware Garden Center

Spring is in the air along the Gulf Coast, and gardeners are itching to get their hands dirty. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a green-thumbed beginner, there’s no better place to start than at your local garden center and hardware store. Orange Beach Hardware, a family owned & operated American hardware store, stands ready to support your spring gardening ambitions. Here are five essential tips to kickstart your gardening season, discover the best garden center close to you for all your gardening needs!

Plan Before You Plant

Before you plant a single seed, planning is crucial. Consider the layout of your garden, taking into account sunlight, shade, and drainage. Orange Beach Hardware, your friendly “garden center near me,” offers a variety of tools and resources to help you design the perfect garden oasis. Our experts can guide you on the best plants for your space and how to arrange them for optimal growth and beauty. Many gardeners over plant areas which may look ideal in the beginning but by summer, it can get hard to manage. Make sure you take into account the space needed for plants at a mature stage.

Choosing the right plants is key to gardening success, especially in the unique climate of the Gulf Coast. Look for heat-tolerant and native species that will thrive in our warm environment. Visit our garden center, regarded as one of the best places in Gulf Shores, Alabama, for a wide selection of suitable plants, flowers, and vegetables specifically curated for our local climate. Our staff is well acquainted with our plant inventory and ready to make recommendations as needed.

flowers next to gardening supplies and a notebook for a garden center near you

Invest in Quality Soil and Mulch

The secret to lush, vibrant plants starts with the soil. Enhance your garden’s foundation with high-quality soil and compost from Orange Beach Hardware, the “garden center close to me” that you can trust for all your gardening essentials. Don’t forget to top off your plant beds with a layer of mulch to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and keep your plants healthy. We offer a variety of organic and synthetic mulch options to meet your needs.

Water Wisely

Efficient watering practices are crucial for spring gardening, especially in the Gulf Coast’s warmer temperatures. Aim to water your plants early in the morning to minimize evaporation and ensure deep soil penetration. Consider installing a drip irrigation system or using soaker hoses to deliver water directly to the roots without wasting it through evaporation. For those looking for low maintenance solutions, our friendly “hardware store around me” offers a range of watering tools and irrigation systems designed to keep your garden hydrated without wasting water.

Visit Orange Beach Hardware for All Your Gardening Needs

For the ultimate spring gardening experience, visit Orange Beach Hardware, your go-to “hardware store near me open now.” Whether you’re searching for gardening tools, seeds, plants, or expert advice, we have everything you need to make your garden grow. Rated among the best places in Gulf Shores, we take pride in serving our community with quality products and friendly service.

Current Plants Available at Orange Beach Hardware Garden Center

At Orange Beach Hardware, our garden center is teeming with a vibrant collection of plants perfect for enhancing your Gulf Coast garden. Among the myriad of options, we proudly offer:


Red roses on the bush close up at your local garden center
A classic symbol of beauty and elegance, available in various colors and sizes to create stunning focal points in your garden.


These colorful, sun-loving annuals are perfect for adding a pop of color to your beds and containers.


White Hibiscus flowers from a garden center near me
With their large, tropical flowers, hibiscus plants can bring a touch of the exotic to your outdoor space.


Pink Azaleas from a garden center near you
Ideal for adding a beautiful splash of color in spring, our azaleas thrive in the Gulf Coast climate.

Bottle Brush

Known for their unique, brush-like flowers, these plants are great for attracting hummingbirds and bees.


Offering big, bountiful blooms, hydrangeas are a favorite for creating a statement in any garden.

Butterfly Bush

Tri Color Butterfly Bush from an Orange Beach Gardening Center
As the name suggests, this plant attracts butterflies, adding life and color to your garden.


Orange Milkweed from a local garden center
Essential for the monarch butterflies, milkweed is not only beautiful but also supports butterfly conservation.


Palm Tree from a local garden center
From classic coconut palms to elegant fan palms, we have a selection that can add tropical flair to any landscape.

Confederate Jasmine

Confederate Jasmine from a local garden center
These fragrant, flowering vines are perfect for fences, trellises, and arbors, providing lush, green growth and sweet-scented blooms.


White and gold gardenias from a garden center near me
With their gorgeous, fragrant white flowers, gardenias are a must-have for any aromatic garden.

& More!

Tropical Flowers from Orange Beach Hardware
Every plant we offer is selected for its ability to thrive in the Gulf Coast environment, ensuring your gardening success.

Gardening in the spring along the Gulf Coast is a rewarding pastime, brimming with the wonder of creation. By following these tips and visiting Orange Beach Hardware, you’re well on your way to creating a beautiful, thriving garden that reflects the best of Gulf Shores’ natural beauty. Stop by today and see why we’re not just a hardware store – we’re a destination for gardeners seeking the best for their outdoor spaces.

Happy Gardening!